Here you can learn about forestry and how to manage your forestland, find answers to your forestry questions, and arrange for professional foresters to visit your property and help you achieve your forestry goals. TimberLand Consulting (TLC) provides professional forestry services to assist forest landowners in meeting management objectives. TLC works to improve forest health and growth rates in order to better provide benefits to the landowner, the environment, and to society on an on-going basis. We treat each client like our only client and respect the land as though it were our own. Take a look at what we can do for you.

TLC is based in Hampshire County in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia. We work throughout the surrounding area including western Maryland and northern Virginia. A wealth of forestry education and experience goes into each case, so the services we provide are well-founded in science and know-how. If you are unsure of what you need or what you might be interested in for your forestland, have a look at what we do. Think about what you want from your forest, and you will see how TLC can help! We will be glad to answer questions and to assist you in whatever way we can. Our client references can testify to our commitment to meet landowner needs. Thanks for stopping by.

TimberLand Consulting provides the highest quality professional forestry and timberland services to private forest landowners. An integral part of this mission includes providing all aspects of forest management and wildlife habitat planning, timber appraisal, and timber marking and sales. Whether preparing a forest or wildlife management plan, marking timber and handling timber sales, or designing forest access systems, our attention to detail helps us achieve excellence and your personal satisfaction. TLC services are unquestionably confidential and we avoid any and all conflicts of interest. We do not buy, sell, or broker timber, but work for you, the client.

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